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Print Versions of the Guide

Each year our team compiles the most updated information from the Transition Resource Guide, and prints it in 3 booklets which are available for purchase. The 3 separate booklets are: Resources, Colleges, and Universities. Each booklet is $15 (all 3 booklets is $45), which includes shipping and handling (5% HST is not included).  The print versions are priced to cover the costs of the creation, printing, and shipping of the booklets.

The Resources booklet comprises all of the general transition information in the Resources section of the website.  The Colleges and Universities booklets give full detailed information on all institutions in Ontario (in the same manner as the website). 

Contact Form

If you find any broken links or incorrect information, have questions or comments about the Transition Resource Guide, or would like to order print copies of the guide, please fill out the contact form below.