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Sheridan College

Sheridan College

General Information

Sheridan College serves 17 000 full-time students at its 4 campuses in Ontario:

  • Davis Campus in Brampton
  • Trafalgar Road Campus in Oakville
  • Skills Training Centre (for skilled trade programs) in Oakville          
  • Hazel McCallion Campus (for the Faculty of Business) in Mississauga

Sheridan College offers a wide range of academic courses in its 5 faculties:

  • Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design
  • Faculty of Applied Science and Technology
  • Faculty of Business
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies

The addresses of the campuses of Sheridan College are:

Davis Campus:
7899 McLaughlin Road
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5H9
(905) 459-7533

Trafalgar Road Campus:
1430 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, Ontario L6H 2L1
(905) 845-9430

Skills Training Centre: 
407 Iroquois Shore Road
Oakville, Ontario L6H 1M3
(905) 845-9430

Hazel McCallion Campus:
4180 Duke of York Boulevard
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 0G5
(905) 845-9430


Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

At Sheridan College, the centre providing accessibility services to students is called Accessible Learning Services. Accessible Learning Services is the primary place to find out about all of your disability related needs.

Accessibility Plan

For more information about accessibility at Sheridan College, and their current initiatives to address issues of accessibility, please see Sheridan College's Accessibility Plan.

Documentation Required

In order to access accommodations at Sheridan College, the following documentation is required to show proof of a disability:

For Learning Disabilities and/or ADHD

  • A report by a neuro-psychologist or registered psychologist with ADD/ADHD training
  • Psycho-educational assessment and/or IEP

For Physical and Medical Disabilities, and Mental Health Conditions

  • For all physical and medical disabilities, documentation of a disability must be provided by a health practitioner, on their letterhead or on the Medical Information Request Form

Acquired Brain Injury

  • Neuro-psychological report

Visual Impairment

  • Ophthalmologist report or CNIB card

Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

  • Audiology report


For more information about required documentation or how to obtain proof of your disability, contact the Sheridan College Accessibility Learning Services directly.

Support Services Available

Health Services

Health Services are available at Trafalgar and Davis campuses, and are offered by registered nurses and physicians.  

Counselling Services

Sheridan College offers Counselling Services for any student who may be experiencing stressful events in their life.

Academic Support

Sheridan College offers The Learning Centres at the Davis, Trafalgar and Hazel McCallion campuses, which provides services such as peer tutoring in computing, English, math and business math, and appointments with learning assistants.

Peer Mentoring

The Peer Mentor Program at Sheridan College is designed for first year students who would like to receive mentorship from upper year students in areas.

Library Services

Sheridan College offers Library Services at each of its campuses. The libraries offer various resources for students including databases, e-journals, and catalogues. The libraries also provide services for students such as borrowing services, tutoring, and research guides.

Academic Advising

Sheridan College's Student Advisement centre can help students in adjusting to college life and their academic program, accessing information about Sheridan, and connecting with support when experiencing difficulties or concerns. 

Other Support Services

Financial Aid

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

Sheridan College’s Financial Aid & Awards office offers a range of  financial assistance which consists of merit-based scholarships, need-based bursaries, and awards based on academic achievement. Information regarding Sheridan College’s financial aid is available on their website, as well as complete lists of scholarships, bursaries, awards, and contact information.

Residence and Housing

On-Campus Housing

Sheridan College’s Residence Office accommodates 822 students in suite style residence at the Trafalgar, Mississauga, and David & Hazel McCallion Residences. First year students are guaranteed a room in residence if they complete the application by the deadline. Each suite unit contains 2 private bedrooms, a shared washroom and a shared kitchenette. Virtual tours are available. Building amenities include:

  • Common lounges
  • Common study areas
  • Common kitchens
  • Access to a front desk
  • Maintenance
  • Laundry facilities

Each suite is furnished and includes internet access. Residence rates vary and payment plans are available. Meal plans are not currently offered.

Barrier-free rooms are available for students with special accommodations. Students who require special accommodations in residence are required to contact the Housing office and Disability Services Office on campus for more information.

Off-Campus Housing

Sheridan College students can access off-campus housing information at Places 4 Students Oakville, Places 4 Students Mississauga, and Places 4 Students Brampton.Students will find advertisements from landlord on available housing.

Getting Around

Campus Accessibility

Sheridan offers Maps, directions, and parking information for each campus.

Oakville Transit

Oakville Transit is comprised of buses. Full-time students at Sheridan College are eligible to purchase monthly passes, or upload cash value passes onto a PRESTO card, to learn more about monthly passes and PRESTO cards, please visit their site directly.

All Oakville conventional transit buses have accessible features such as low floors, kneeling capabilities, wheelchair and scooter areas, priority and courtesy seating, and a ramp. Riders requiring a support person to travel with are able to apply for the Support Person ID Card which also allows the support person to travel free of charge.

The care-A-van service provides door-to-door transit for persons with physical function mobility challenges who are unable to use the conventional transit services. More information about care-A-van and the eligibility guidelines and application is available on their website.

Mississauga Transit

The Mississauga Transitway (Miway) is comprised of buses. Full-time students at Sheridan College are eligible to purchase a discounted student fare. Miway offers Routes and Schedules for each of their bus routes.

Miway provides accessible buses with features such as floor and kneeling capabilities, two wheelchair and scooter securement areas, external bus announcements which will announce what bus is arriving, and automated next stop announcements.

MiWay offers the Support Person Pass which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost.

The regional municipality of Peel has created Transhelp which offers a door-to-door transit service for persons who are unable to ride conventional transit due to a functional mobility disability. More information about Transhelp, including eligibility guidelines and the application process, is available on their website.

Brampton Transit

Brampton Transit is comprised of buses. Students are eligible for weekly and monthly discounted fares. Brampton Transit offers schedules and maps for each of their bus routes, which also shows which routes are accessible.

More than 90% of the buses provide accessibility features such as low floors, extendable ramps and kneeling features, and reserved wheelchair and scooter areas. Brampton Transit offers the support person pass, which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost.

The Region of Peel offers Transhelp which provides a door-to-door transit service for persons with functional mobility’s problems, who due to their functional mobility problem are unable to use the conventional transit service. More information about what Transhelp offers and the eligibility guidelines and application is provided on their website.

Academic Programs

Sheridan College offers Full-Time Programs, Continuing Education & Professional Studies, Apprenticeships and many other courses.

Contact Information

Davis Campus (Brampton)

Accessibility Learning Services 
(905) 459 7533 ext 5168
Located in Room B230

Health Service 
(905) 459-7533 ext 5153 
Located in Room C210

Counselling Service 
(905) 845-9430 ext 5400 

Peer Mentor Program 
(905) 459-7533 ext 5362 
Located in the Student Centre Room B230

Library Services
(905) 459-7533 ext 4338 
Located in the J-Wing

Financial Aid & Awards
(905) 459-7533 ext 5061
Located in Room B212h

Residence Office
(905) 874-4393 


Trafalgar Road Campus (Oakville)

Accessible Learning Services
(905) 845 9430 ext 2530
Located in Room B104

Health Services
(905) 845-9430 ext 2550
Located in Room B129

Counselling Service
(905) 845-9430 ext 2557

Peer Mentor Program
(905) 845-9430 ext 2311
Located in Grassroots in the B wing  

Library Services
(905) 845-9430 ext 2482
Located in the C-Wing 

Financial Aid & Awards
(905) 815-4060
Located in Room D100

Residence Office
(905) 815-4150


Skills Training Centre (Oakville)

Accessible Learning Services 
(905) 845-9430 ext 2618
Located in Room A08

Library Services
(905) 845-9430 ext 2482 
Located in Room A-19

Financial Aid & Awards
(905) 815-4060
Located in Room D100


Hazel McCallion Campus (Mississauga)

Accessible Learning Services
(905) 845-9430 ext 5737
Located in Room A147

Health Services
(905) 845-9430 ext 5375
Located in Room A132

Counselling Services
(905) 845-9430 ext 2528

Library Services
(905) 845-9430 ext 5912
Located in Room A-217

Financial Aid & Awards
(905) 845-9430 ext 2493
Located in Room A147C


Use this checklist to create an overview of the services available at Sheridan College, and to determine if the services meet your needs.