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University of Ottawa

University of Ottawa

General Information

The University of Ottawa is located in Ottawa, Ontario, and provides educational opportunities to 40 000 students, offering programs in both English and French. The University of Ottawa has 10 faculties and schools, each with their own academic programs and departments:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Telfer School of Management
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

The address for the University of Ottawa is:

University of Ottawa:
Tabaret Hall, 75 Laurier Avenue East
Ottawa, Ontario  K1N 6N5
(613) 562-5700


Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

At the University of Ottawa, the centre providing accessibility services to students is called Access Service. Access Service is the primary place to find out about all of your disability related needs.

Transition Program

The University of Ottawa offers a transition program for students with disabilites to help students prepare for university.

Accessibility Plan

For more information about accessibility at the University of Ottawa, and their current initiatives to address issues of accessibility, please see the University of Ottawa’s Accessibility Plan.

Documentation Required

In order to access accommodations at the University of Ottawa, the following documentation is required to show proof of a disability:

Learning Disabilities and ADHD

  • A psycho-educational assessment completed by a registered psychologist
  • Documentation from your doctor or psychologist
  • Students can have an appropriate medical professional complete the Medical Certificate

For Physical, Medical Disabilities, and Mental Health Conditions

  • Students must provide a medical certificate or report that contains a diagnosis of a disability, and recommendations to address areas of need and academic challenges
  • Students can have an appropriate medical professional complete the Medical Certificate


For more information about required documentation or how to obtain proof of your disability, contact the University of Ottawa's Access Service directly.

Support Services Available

Health Services

University of Ottawa Health Services provides confidential, student-centred physical and mental health care. Services are provided by an interdisciplinary health care team which includes: physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, a clinical pharmacist, social workers, mental health counsellors, a chiropodist, a dietician, and psychiatrists. 

Counselling Services

The University of Ottawa offers one-on-one Counselling and Coaching Service for any student who may be experiencing stressful events in their life.

Academic Support

Student Academic Success Service (SASS) offers several resources to support students in their academic studies.  The services include the Academic Writing Help Centre (AWHC), the Student Mentoring Program, and the Aboriginal Resource Centre

Library Services

The University of Ottawa libraries are comprised of 3 main libraries, the Morisset Library (Arts and Science), the Brian Dickson Law Library, and the Health Sciences Library. Each library offers various resources for students including databases, journals, e-books, and e-videos. The library also provides services for students such as borrowing services, research guides, and workshops.

Academic Advising

The University of Ottawa offers academic advising services in each of its faculties, by contacting the support staff in one’s chosen program or faculty.

Other Support Services

Financial Aid

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

The University of Ottawa's Financial Aid and Awards office offers a range of  financial assistance which consists of merit-based scholarships, need-based bursaries, and awards based on academic achievement. Information regarding the University of Ottawa's financial aid is available on their website, as well as complete lists of scholarships, bursaries, awards, and contact information.

Residence and Housing

On-Campus Housing

The University of Ottawa’s Housing Services offers traditional, suite-style, studio style, or apartment style residence rooms. First year students are guaranteed a room in residence provided they complete the necessary application by the deadline. Traditional style accommodations are available in single or double rooms. Suite style rooms feature 2-4 people in private or open bedrooms with a shared washroom and shared kitchenette. Studio apartments feature an open concept with a single or double occupancy and a washroom and kitchenette. Apartment style rooms consist of 2-4 bedroom units with shared washroom, kitchen and common area.

All buildings include the following amenities:

  • Common lounge (not included with apartment style)
  • Study spaces
  • Access to a 24/7 front desk
  • Maintenance
  • Laundry facilities

Rooms in residence are furnished and include high speed internet access and cable television hookup. Residence rates vary depending on the building choice and room selection. Meal plans are not included in residence fees and are mandatory for many of the residence buildings. Several different types of meal plans are available and include a set number of meals and flex dollars.

Students requiring special accommodations in residence are required to complete the Special Consideration form on the residence application.   

Off-Campus Housing

The University of Ottawa offers several off-campus housing options, including their Student Housing Billboard. More information regarding off-campus housing can be found at the Off-Campus Housing Office

Getting Around

Campus Accessibility

The University of Ottawa offers an accessible map showing accessible entrances, parking locations, and more.

Ottawa Transit

OC Transpo is comprised of buses, and a rail system called O-Trains. Full-time students at the University of Ottawa receive a discounted pass that can be used on all OC Transpo transit systems called the Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass), included in their tuition. Routes and maps are provided for each of the OC Transpo options.

The OC Transpo buses and O-Trains offer accessible transit services including low-floors and next stop announcement system.

The OC Transpo offers the Support Person and Attendants which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost.

Para Transpo is a service that provides door-to-door accessible transit for persons who are unable to take conventional transit due to a disability. The OC Transpo has established eligibility guidelines for the use of Para Transpo. Persons seeking to use Para Transpo must submit an application form signed by a health practitioner. 

Academic Programs

The University of Ottawa offers a wide range of Programs and Courses in their 10 faculties and schools. Information about the academic programs and educational opportunities is available on their website.

Contact Information

Access Service 
(613) 562-5976
Located on the 3rd floor Room 3172

Health Services
(613) 564-3950

Counselling and Coaching Services
(613) 562-5200
Located at 100 Marie-Curie Private 4th floor       

Student Academic Success Services
(613) 562-5101
Located at 100 Marie-Curie Private 4th Floor

Library Services
(613) 562-5213

Financial Aid and Awards
(613) 562-5734
Located at 55 Laurier Avenue Eastin Room 3156

Housing Services
(613) 562-5885
Located at 90 University Room 143


Use this checklist to create an overview of the services available at University of Ottawa, and to determine if the services meet your needs.