Did you know the laws that govern accommodations for persons with disabilities are different in post-secondary than they are in elementary and high school? Learn about your legal rights, as well as what your responsibilities are, in order to be able to properly arrange your accommodations and advocate for yourself.

The Accessibility Services (AS) Office is your main resource for accommodations and support at post-secondary school. Learn how to register with their office, what types of documentation they will require and more.

Now that you know what your rights and responsibilities are, learn how to advocate for yourself with professors and fellow classmates, and tips about disclosing your disability.

Learn about accessibility and accommodations in residences, as well as on campus and getting around on local transit.

Every college and university offers support services to their students. Learn about some of the common services, and how they can help lead you to success.

Learn more about some of the most frequently seen diagnoses in the post-secondary environment and some common challenges experienced by individuals with specific disabilities.

This is a collection of frequently asked questions and answers related to students entering post-secondary education in Ontario.

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