There are many resources out there to help support students entering post-secondary education. Of those available, some of the most unique resources come from the perspective of a fellow peer, who’s been in your shoes and has the experience to support you. Learn more about peer mentoring and tutoring services from the perspective of a student!

Starting postsecondary can make people feel a variety of emotions. Change can be scary. This blog post should hopefully help you feel more prepared for your transition as it will cover the main differences between postsecondary and high school.

Everyone has mental health. It is natural to find yourself struggling with your mental health and when that happens, reaching out for supports is important. Supports and strategies to aid in mental wellness are more accessible now than ever, with hundreds of apps to support our mental health right at our fingertips.

Taking online courses is a great way to practice independent learning and it allows more free-time! However, it’s important to stay on track and organized because falling behind in an online course is a slippery slope.

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