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Accessibility Services

Educational institutions have a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodations that promote equity for people who have disabilities. Given that each student’s needs are unique, services and accommodations are established on an individual basis and based on the documentation of the student’s disability.
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Financial Aid

Paying for school is expensive, especially when you have additional costs such as specialized equipment or services. However, there is a lot of funding out there - from government loans and grants to scholarships and bursaries specifically for students with disabilities.
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Choosing between College & University

Deciding between college and university is a tough decision, and it’s important to consider one’s strengths and interests when making the decision. Find out more about what can be expected at college and university.

Everything you need to know about accessibility and other essential resources across all publicly-funded Ontario post-secondary schools.


TRG Next

TRG Next is a free, online post-secondary prep program, to help students prepare for what’s ahead at college and university.

The program consists of a series of 4 asynchronous modules, each covering topics on what to expect at college and university, and where to find information on what you need to do, and when you need to do it. Each module has a companion workbook and activities to complete that allow students to self-reflect, practice necessary skills, and explore information about their post-secondary school!

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Shauna - Accessibility Advisor

"The Transition Resource Guide (TRG) has transformed how vital information is shared with students, families, and educators."

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Patrick - Special Education Department Head

"The Transition Resource Guide is my go to for high school students and parents asking questions about how to access accommodations in post-secondary. It’s informative, comprehensive and very easy to navigate."

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Kim - Parent

"Last year when my son, Jordan, was applying to post-secondary institutions, the Transition Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities was invaluable."

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Jeremy - University Student

"Going into university, I put a lot of emphasis on the academic transition. However, I found the adjustment to university life quite challenging to balance academics with physical health, mental health, and social involvement."

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Candice - University Graduate

"As a student with a learning disability, each year I registered with my school’s accessibility services and I met with a Learning Disabilities Strategist to discuss my goals, academic concerns and accommodations. Using the accessibility services helped with my success in completing my post-secondary education."

"The Transition Resource Guide (TRG) has transformed how vital information is shared with students, families, and educators."
Shauna - Accessibility Advisor