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Group of young adults sitting on bench outside

What do you need to know before you head off to college or university? Learn about your rights and responsibilities, how to advocate for yourself, what financial aid is available and more.

Young man looking at a laptop

Let us help you prepare for your transition to post-secondary education. We’ll walk you through the steps to take and how to best take advantage of the information provided on this website.

person standing on two arrows pointing in different directions

As you start applying to schools, you’ll have to decide whether you are headed to college or university. Learn about some of the differences between the two, and how to choose the best option for your skills and interests.

an individual being interviewed in a private office

Did you know the laws that govern accommodations for persons with disabilities are different in post-secondary than they are in elementary and high school? Learn about your legal rights, as well as what your responsibilities are, in order to be able to properly arrange your accommodations and advocate for yourself.

a student and professor talking in a courtyard

Now that you know what your rights and responsibilities are, learn how to advocate for yourself with professors and fellow classmates, and tips about disclosing your disability.

three individuals in a waiting room

The Accessibility Services (AS) Office is your main resource for accommodations and support at post-secondary school. Learn how to register with their office, what types of documentation they will require and more.

three individuals talking in a private office

Every college and university offers support services to their students. Learn about some of the common services, and how they can help lead you to success.

small plant growing out of a pot of coins sitting in a bright window

Paying for school is expensive, especially when you have additional costs such as specialized equipment or services. However, there is a lot of funding out there - from government loans and grants to scholarships and bursaries specifically for students with disabilities.

Individual in a wheelchair talking to someone standing beside them

Learn about accessibility and accommodations in residences, as well as on campus and getting around on local transit.

an individual typing on a laptop

Now’s the time to put together everything that you’ve learned here and the research that you’ve done on your preferred schools! Use this checklist to help narrow down your choices, and make a plan for applications and acceptances.

several individuals grasping hands together

Hear from students, parents, and post-secondary staff about their own experiences in the transition journey.