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EYES-ON-PSE is a free, online post-secondary prep course, to help students prepare for what’s ahead at college and university. This asynchronous, online course is laid out in six, self-paced, easy to navigate modules, each covering topics on what to expect at college and university, and where to find information on what you need to do and when you need to do it.

This course is designed to leave students feeling significantly more prepared, informed, and confident as they begin their first semester of post-secondary studies. Big changes exist between the high school and post-secondary environments that can make the transition difficult for any student. Compared to high school, post-secondary education often has reduced student-teacher ratios, greater academic demands, reduced personal support networks, and greater overall expectations. These and additional changes can often have a greater impact on students with disabilities, as they navigate this transition and a new support network at post-secondary school. 

EYES-ON-PSE was created with funds from the Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) project as part of the provincial government’s eCampus Ontario strategy to provide accessible online resources to students, faculty, parents and staff working and learning in the post-secondary environment. 

Course Outline

Module Unit Topics
Module 1: A New Scene Unit 1.1: A New Beginning
  • Welcome 
  • Navigating This Course
  • Your New Reality 
  • What is Your Why? 
  Unit 1.2: Diverse Learners
  • Navigating Expectations
  • Equity and Diversity on Campus
  • Academic Accommodations and Accessibility Services
  Unit 1.3: A Growth Mindset
  • A Growth Mindset
  • Changing Our Thinking
Module 2: You and Your Education Unit 2.1: Self-Knowledge & Self-Advocacy
  • All About You
  • Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Self Advocacy and Asking for Help
  Unit 2.2: You as a Student
  • The Role of a Student 
  • In Person and Online Classes
  • What’s Best for Me?
  Unit 2.3: Your Academic Journey
  • Your Program
  • Grades
  • Academic Appeals
Module 3: Post Secondary Learning Unit 3.1: LMS & Course Structure
  • LMS Resources 
  • Discussion Boards
  • Reading a Course Outline
  Unit 3.2: Communications
  • Connecting with Others
  • Emailing Faculty and Peers 
  • Group Work 
  • Video Meetings
  Unit 3.3: Academic Integrity
  • Accessing Materials 
  • Credible Sources 
  • Academic Integrity
Module 4: Learning Strategies Unit 4.1: Academic Supports
  • Academic Supports 
  • Peer Supports 
  • Library
  Unit 4.2: Keeping Yourself On Track
  • Time Management 
  • Weekly Calendars
  • Term Calendars
  • Procrastination
  Unit 4.3: Elevating Your Learning
  • Setting Up Your Study Space 
  • Motivation and Goal Setting 
  • There’s an App for That
Module 5: Academic Strategies Unit 5.1: Reading
  • The Purpose of Readings
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Adaptive Technology
  Unit 5.2: Taking Notes
  • Why Note Taking is Helpful 
  • Strategies for Effective Note Taking 
  • Accessible Note Taking
  Unit 5.3: Assignments & Tests
  • Understanding Assignments
  • Tackling Assignments 
  • Tests and Exams
Module 6: Personal Considerations Unit 6.1: Managing Your Health and Relationships
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Sleep and Exercise
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Changes in Relationships
  • Sexual Violence and Safety
  Unit 6.2: Finances  
  • Financial Assistance 
  • Budgets
  Unit 6.3: Campus Supports
  • Getting Involved 
  • Student Organizations 
  • Additional Campus Supports


How to Register

The course is now open!

To register for EYES-ON-PSE, please submit the Student Registration Form

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a teacher, guidance counsellor, parent/guardian or other support figure who would like to register for the course, please complete the Teacher/Parent Registration Form.

Want to run EYES-ON-PSE at your school?

In addition to the EYES-ON-PSE course that is hosted on the Transition Resource Guide website, individual schools and organizations can also use the course and create their own version for their students.

In 2022, customized EYES-ON-PSE courses were piloted across a number of institutions in Ontario including Confederation College, McMaster University, St. Lawrence College, Trent University Durham GTA, University of Toronto Scarborough and the Transition Resource Guide. EYES-ON-PSE reached over 550 students across the province.

The Regional Assessment and Resource Centre (RARC) is actively recruiting colleges, universities, high schools and other organizations to host and pilot their own version of this online course at their institution for summer 2023.

Pilot sites will receive the customizable course files, one-on-one support from the RARC team to adapt the course to their school or organization, as well as support and collaboration with the other participating pilot sites. 

Are you interested in piloting EYES-ON-PSE at your institution? More information about 2023 pilots can be found in the linked pilot information package. Additionally, we will be hosting a pilot information and interest meeting on January 25th, 2023 from 2:30pm-4:30pm over Zoom. 

The meeting information is found below: 
Meeting ID: 991 3042 3640
Password: 606827


You can learn more about this past summer’s pilot courses in our 2022 pilot report. You can also email us at for more information about joining our 2023 pilot group. 

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