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Final Checklist

an individual typing on a laptop

This final checklist is intended for students to help evaluate and compare their top choices of post-secondary schools.

Before using the Final Checklist:

  • Read about and research the colleges and universities that you are interested in

  • Complete the School Checklist for each college or university that you are considering attending

  • Narrow down your options to your top 3 choices (or more, if needed)

  • Using the information from the School Checklist and further research of each of your top choices, complete the Final Checklist

Once you’ve completed the Final Checklist, you may not be able to immediately narrow down your number one choice, and that’s okay. Apply to your top choices and wait to hear back from the programs to which you’ve applied. You may not get accepted into your top choice, or you may get accepted to all of your choices and not know which option to take. Sometimes there is no right answer, and each option will simply take you down a different path, with no choice being better than any other. Your post-secondary journey will be an exciting new adventure – no matter where you go!