Exterior view of the front of a post-secondary institution

Last year when my son, Jordan, was applying to post-secondary institutions, the Transition Resource Guide for Students with Disabilities was invaluable. Jordan was entering post-secondary with a medical disability and we were in the process of getting him assessed for other learning issues.

The guide provides information about learning disability resources for colleges and universities across Ontario. It starts with basic information on how to research and choose an institution, legal rights and responsibilities for students with a learning disability, and the responsibilities of the Ontario Students Disabilities Office.  It also gives specific information on each post-secondary institution, like required documentation, services available and contact information.

We found this information to be accurate and invaluable as we were able to contact the universities we were interested in early and Jordan was able to get the accommodations he needed.  We communicated by email with people at the Learning Disabilities Office at Guelph starting in spring so that by the time Jordan left for university in the fall, he was on a first-name basis with some of the personnel. He received accommodations such as a single room on a study-intensive floor and extra time for exams.

- Kim Grady, Parent

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