Picture of Shauna Dick

The Transition Resource Guide (TRG) has transformed how vital information is shared with students, families, and educators.

In one centralized place, students can learn about what to expect as they transition to the post-secondary level. Especially for those who struggle to navigate webpages, the layout of the TRG allows for users to review each section as it relates to them and their stage of the transition to post-secondary.  

In particular, the Resource subsection offers valuable tools for students to consider how they’d like to self-identify with their college or university and highlights the key differences in terms of privacy, student responsibility and individualized accommodation planning. The TRG empowers students to be informed and make choices that are best for them.

I refer to this guide on a regular basis in my work with students with disabilities. Thanks for taking the time to build something so practical and supportive for our diverse population of learners!

- Shauna Dick, College Accessibility Advisor

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