Fleming College

Learn about services for students at Fleming College, including their accessibility services, peer and academic support programs, financial aid, campus accessibility, and more.

General Information

Fleming College has locations in 4 cities throughout Central Ontario serving 6,000 full-time and 10,000 part-time students: Peterborough (Sutherland campus), Lindsay (Frost campus), Haliburton, and Cobourg. Fleming College offers apprenticeships, online learning, full-time programs and in their 6 schools:

  • School of Business, Trades & Technology
  • School of Education, Health & Wellness
  • School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences
  • School of General Arts & Sciences
  • School of Law, Justice & Community Services
  • Haliburton School of The Arts

The addresses for Fleming College’s campuses are:

Sutherland Campus:
599 Brealey Drive 
Peterborough, Ontario  K9J 7B1
(705) 749-5530

Frost Campus:
200 Albert Street South 
Lindsay, Ontario  K9V 5E6 
(705) 324-9144

Haliburton Campus:
297 College Drive  
Haliburton, Ontario  K0M 1S0 
(705) 457-1680

Cobourg Campus:
1005 Elgin Street West 
Cobourg, Ontario  K9A 5J4 
(905) 372-6865


Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

At Fleming College, the accessibility services office for students is called Accessible Education Services. Accessible Education Services is the primary place to find out about all of your disability related needs.


Transition Programs

Fleming College offers a summer transition program at the Peterborough (Sutherland) and Lindsay (Frost) campuses for students with disabilities.


Accessibility Plan

For more information about accessibility at Fleming College, and their current initiatives to address issues of accessibility, please see Fleming College's Accessibility Plan.

Documentation Requirements

Fleming College provides detailed information about what documentation is needed in order to access accommodations. The type of documentation students need to provide Accessible Education Services depends on the type of disability one has. In general, your documentation should be written by a health care professional who is qualified to diagnose the condition and identify the difficulties it may have on one in school or at work. It may include recommendations for accommodations but this is not essential.


For more information about required documentation or how to obtain proof of your disability contact Fleming College Accessible Education Services directly.

Support Services Available

Health Services

Fleming College’s Health Services at the Sutherland and Frost campuses provide health care from an on-site registered nurse and part-time physician clinics.


Counselling Services

Fleming College offers Counselling for any student who may be experiencing stressful events in their life.


Academic Support

Fleming College offers various free services through the Learning Support Services at all campuses to support their students’ learning and academic needs.  Services include success workshops and drop-in and peer tutoring.  


Library Services

Fleming College offers libraries at Sutherland campus, Frost campus, and Haliburton School of the Arts. Each library offers multiple resources for students including books, e-books, newspapers, periodicals, academic journals, DVDs and films on demand. The libraries also provide interlibrary services, as well as material borrowing services.


Academic Advising

At Fleming College, the Academic Advising Team can assist students in their transition to college, in exploring different pathways to education or changing programs, and with any other academic concerns. 


Other Support Services

Financial Aid

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

Fleming College offers a range of scholarships, bursaries, and awards through its Financial Aid Office. Information regarding Fleming College’s financial aid is available on their website, as well as complete lists of scholarships, bursaries, awards, and contact information.

In addition to program specific awards, students at Fleming College are eligible to receive the Rotary Club of Peterborough Student Bursaries which is for full-time students at any Fleming College campus who have a disability.

Residence and Housing

On-Campus Housing

Fleming College’s Student Housing Office offers suite style accommodations at both the Sutherland and Frost campuses. Application for residence operates on a first-come, first-served basis and students who do not make the initial selection will be placed on a waiting list. Each suite includes 6 private bedrooms, shared washrooms, shared kitchen and common living spaces. Floors are co-ed with separate suites for males and females. Building amenities include:

  • Common study spaces
  • Access to front desk
  • Maintenance
  • Laundry facilities

All suites come furnished and include internet access, local telephone service and cable television. Residence rates vary depending on campus and building selection. Payment plans for residence fees are available. Meal plans are a mandatory additional cost while staying in residence and operate on a declining balance system. Several different plan options are available.

Fleming College has many accessible and barrier-free suites available at both campuses. Students who require special accommodations while in residence must  contact the Residence Office and Disability Services Office on campus for more information.


Off-Campus Housing

Fleming College has an off-campus housing website with links for apartment listings, roommate and sublet services, as well as useful information about signing a lease and tenant resources.

Getting Around

Campus Accessibility

There are currently no maps available online showing each campus. Fleming College offers maps showing campus locations and directions to each of the campuses.


Peterborough Transit

Peterborough Transit is comprised of buses. Students at Fleming College do not recieve a bus pass included in their tuition. Bus routes and schedules are provided for every transit route that Peterborough Transit provides.


Peterborough Transit offers accessible services with such features such as low floors, priority and courtesy seating, and a ramp. If a person requires a support person to ride with them, they can apply for the support person pass which allows the support person to travel free of charge.

The Accessible Van Service is a door-to-door transit service for persons with mobility impairments, who due to their disability are unable to take the conventional transit system. More information about Accessible Van and the eligibility guidelines and application is available on their website.


Lindsay Transit

Lindsay Transit is comprised of buses. Full-time students at Fleming College are eligible to purchase a discounted bus pass.


All of Lindsay Transit buses include accessible features such as low floors, kneeling features, priority and courtesy seating.

The LIMO Specialized Transit is a door-to-door transit service for persons with mobility impairments, who are unable to ride the conventional transit system. More information about Para-Bus and the eligibility guidelines and application is available on their website.


Cobourg Transit

Cobourg Transit is comprised of buses. Full-time students at Fleming College are eligible to purchase a monthly discounted pass. A transit timetable is provided outlining each transit route that Cobourg Transit offers.


Accessible Wheels Service provides a door-to-door transit system for persons with functional limitations, who due to their functional limitations are unable to use the conventional transit. If a person requires a support person to ride with them, they can apply for the support person pass which allows the support person to travel free of charge. More information about what Accessible Wheels Services offers and the eligibility guidelines and application is available on their website.

Academic Programs

Fleming College offers Full-Time programsContinuing Education and Online Learning, Apprenticeships, and many other courses.

Contact Information

Sutherland Campus (Peterborough) 

Accessible Education Services
Located in Room A2 113

Health Services
(705) 749-5557 ext 5504
Located in Room A2 113

Counselling Service
(705) 749-5527 
Located in Room A2 113

Learning Support Services
(705) 749-5530 ext 1607
Located in Room C1 203.2

Library Services
(705) 749-5516

Financial Aid Office
(705) 749-5530 ext 1377

(705) 749-5100
Located at 1 Residence Circle

Frost Campus (Lindsay)

Accessible Education Services
(705) 324-9144 ext 3320
Located in Room 254

Health Services
(705) 324-9144 ext 3232
Located in Room 254

Counselling Services
(705) 324-9144 ext 3320
Located in Room 254

Learning Support Services
(705) 324-9144 ext 3280
Located in Room 225

Library Services
(705) 878-9319

Financial Aid Officer
(705) 324-9144 ext 3302

(705) 878-9328
Located at 1 Auk Trail


Haliburton Campus

Accessible Education Services
(705) 457-1680

Counselling Services
(705) 457-1680 

Learning Support Services
(705) 457-1680 ext 6717


Cobourg Campus

Accessible Education Services
(905) 372-6865 ext 5520

Counselling Services
(905) 372-6865 ext 5220

Learning Support Services
(905) 372-6865 ext 5221

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