Northern College

Learn about services for students at Northern College, including their accessibility services, peer and academic support programs, financial aid, campus accessibility, and more.

General Information

Northern College has 4 campuses located across Northern Ontario.  The campus locations are: Timmins (main campus), Haileybury (Veterniary Sciences), Kirkland Lake (School of Welding Engineering Technology), and Moosonee (a satellite campus, linked to the Centre of Excellence for Trades and Technology at the Timmins campus). Northern College has just over 2,000 full-time students enrolled in academic programs in 7 areas of study:

  • Business and Office Administration
  • Community Services
  • Engineering Technology and Trades
  • Mining Engineering Technology
  • Health Sciences and Emergency Services
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Welding Engineering Technology

The addresses for Northern College campuses are:

Timmins Campus:
4715 Highway 101 East
South Porcupine, Ontario  P0N 1H0
(705) 235-3211

Haileybury Campus:
640 Latchford Street, P.O. Box 2060
Haileybury, Ontario  P0J 1K0
(705) 672-3376

Kirkland Campus:
140 Government Road East
Kirkland Lake, Ontario  P2N 3L8
(705) 567-9291

Moosonee Campus:
First Avenue, P.O. Box 130
Moosonee, Ontario  P0L 1Y0
(705) 336-2913

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

At Northern College, the centre providing accessibility services to students is called Accessibility Services. Accessibility Services is the primary place to find out about all of your disability related needs.


Accessibility Plan

For more information about accessibility at Northern College, and their current initiatives to address issues of accessibility, please see Northern College's 
Accessibility Plan.

Documentation Requirements

Northern College requires documentation from a regulated health care professional confirming a disability and identifying functional limitations in post-secondary education. Interim accommodations may be provided to students who are being assessed or waiting on documentation. Note: It is not a requirement to provide a specific diagnosis to access accommodations and support services at Northern College.

Students with a learning disability will need a current psycho-educational assessment completed by a Psychologist or Psychological Associate within the last 5 years or as an adult (18 years or older), confirming functional limitations. Referrals for updated psycho-educational assessment may be facilitated through Accessibility Services. Students with physical, medical, hearing, vision or mental health concerns, can have their registered health care professional can complete the Medical Information Request Form or provide similar documentation confirming functional limitations.

Please note:

  • An IEP provides background information, but does not confirm a disability or related functional limitations.
  • A registered healthcare professional is someone who is capable of providing confirmation of a disability and providing the functional limitations that may affect academic functioning (i.e. chiropractor, optometrist, family physician, psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, etc.)


For more information about required documentation or how to obtain proof of your disability, contact the Northern College Accessibility Services directly.

Support Services Available

Health Services

The East End Family Health Team partners with Northern College to provide access to health care through their team of nurses, physicians and other health care practitioners for students at the Timmins campus.


Peer Mentoring

Northern College offers peer mentoring (through First Year Experience Services) for new students, who can receive coaching and support from an experience upper-year student.


Academic Support & Library Services 

Northern College offers the Learning Resource Centre at their Timmins, Haileybury, and Kirkland Lake campuses. The centres provide students with extensive resources including books, periodicals, electronic databases and audio visual materials. The centres also provide students tutoring in subjects such as math, science, English, business, and writing support.


Academic Advising

Advisors at Northern College offer a comprehensive service to connect students with resources to meet their academic and personal needs, and to guide them through their college experience.

Financial Aid

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

Northern College Foundation Bursaries offers a range of financial assistance which consists of merit-based scholarships, need-based bursaries, and awards based on academic achievement. Information regarding Northern College 's financial aid is available on their website, as well as complete lists of scholarships, bursaries, awards, and contact information.

Residence and Housing

On-Campus Housing

Northern College’s Residence and Housing Office offers traditional and suite style residence at both the Timmins Campus and Haileybury Campus. Residence allocation operates on a first-come, first-served basis and students who are not initially accepted will be placed on a waiting list. Traditional residence includes single and double occupancy rooms with communal washrooms. Suite style residence includes private bedrooms, a shared washroom and a shared kitchenette. A virtual tour of the Haileybury residence is available. Building amenities for both campuses include:

  • Common lounges
  • Common study areas
  • Common kitchen
  • Maintenance
  • Laundry facilities

All rooms come furnished and include internet access, local telephone service and television hookup. Residence rates vary depending on building and room selection. Meal plans are available for an additional cost.

Barrier-free rooms are available for students requiring special accommodations while in residence. These students are encouraged to contact the Residence Office on campus for more information.


Off-Campus Housing

Northern College offers an Online Housing accommodation listing service where landlords can advertise rental properties available. 

Getting Around

Campus Accessibility

There are currently no campus maps available online.


Timmins Transit

Timmins Transit is comprised of buses. Full-time students at Northern College are eligible to purchase a discounted student monthly passSchedules and maps are provided for every transit route that Timmins Transit provides. 


Haileybury Transit

Temiskaming Transit is comprised of buses. Regular price fares are available for students. A route map is provided for every transit route that Temiskaming Transit offers. 


Kirkland and Moosonee Transit 

There are no local transit services at the Kirkland and Moosonee campuses. For information about how to get around, visit the city websites: Kirkland Lake and Moosonee.

Academic Programs

Northern College offers a wide range of Full-Time Programs and Apprenticeships

Contact Information

Timmins Campus

Accessibility Services
(705) 235-3211 ext 2237 

The East End Family Health Team
(705) 235-6900
Located at 4715 Highway 101 East

First Year Experience- Peer Mentoring
(705) 235-3211 ext 2164

Learning Resource Centre
(705) 235-7150

Financial Aid
(705) 235-7210

Residence Office
(705) 235-6800


Haileybury Campus 

Accessibility Services
(705)672-3376 ext 8818

First Year Experience- Peer Mentoring
(705) 672-3376 ext 8843

Learning Resource Centre
(705) 672-3376 ext 8806

Residence Office
(705) 980-1301 ext 7010


Kirkland Lake Campus

Accessibility Services
(705) 567-9291 ext 3625

First Year Experience- Peer Mentoring
(705) 567-9291 ext 3770

Learning Resource Centre
(705) 567-9291 ext 3700


Moosonee Campus

Accessibility Services
(705) 336-2913 ext 5603

First Year Experience- Peer Mentoring
(705) 336-2913 ext 5609

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