Humber College

Learn about services for students at Humber College, including their accessibility services, peer and academic support programs, financial aid, campus accessibility, and more.

General Information

Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is located in Toronto, Ontario with additional campuses at Toronto Lakeshore and in Orangeville, Ontario. Humber College provides educational opportunities for 27,000 full time students. Humber College has 8 faculties and schools, each with their own academic programs and departments:

  • School of Applied Technology
  • The Business School
  • School of Creative & Performing Arts
  • School of Health Sciences
  • School of Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism
  • School of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • School of Media Studies & Information Technology
  • School of Social & Community Services

The addresses for Humber College campuses are:

Humber North Campus (main campus):
205 Humber College Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario  M9W 5L7

Humber Lakeshore Campus:
2 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Toronto, Ontario  M8V 4B6

Humber Orangeville Campus:
275 Alder Street
Alder Street Recreation Complex
Orangeville, Ontario  L9W 5A9

University of Guelph-Humber:
207 Humber College Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario M9W 5L7
(416) 675-3111

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

At Humber College, the centre providing accessibility services to students is called Accessible Learning Services. Accessible Learning Services partners with students and faculty to ensure that the academic environment is accessible. When barriers to learning are identified, Accessible Learning Services offers a range of confidential services to support students with disabilities such as academic accommodations, assistive technology training and learning supports. 

Students attending Guelph-Humber University should refer to Humber College's Accessibility Learning Services for further information regarding available resources. 


Transition Program

The Transitions to Success Program is for new students with disabilities at Humber and Guelph-Humber to assist in their transition to post-secondary. 


Accessibility Plan

For more information about accessibility at Humber College, and their current initiatives to address issues of accessibility, please see Humber College's Accessibility Plan.


Documentation Requirements

In order to access accommodations at Humber College, please visit the linked webpage to learn what documentation is required to show proof of a disability.

Support Services Available

Health Services

Students can receive health care at the Health Centre at the North campus or at Health Services at the Lakeshore campus. by making an appointment with a physician or by walking in to see a nurse.


Counselling Services

Humber College offers Counselling Services at all of its campuses for any student who may be experiencing stressful events in their life.


Peer Mentorship

The Peer Mentoring Program at Humber College is designed for first year students who would like to receive mentorship from upper year students in areas.


Academic Support

Humber College offers the Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS), which provides academic support, including writing and math support and online learning skills workshops. Peer Tutoring is available at the North and Lakeshore campuses for students who are having academic difficulties.


Library Services

Humber College offers libraries at each of their campuses. Each library offers various resources for students including databases, journals, e-books, and e-videos. The libraries also provide services for students such as study rooms, interlibrary loans, and accessible services for students with disabilities.


Academic Advising

Academic advisors at Humber College can provide guidance and support on issues such as: academic and career goals, navigating life at Humber, planning for further education, and exploring options for switching programs. 


Other Support Services

Financial Aid

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

Humber College’s Financial Aid office offers a range of  financial assistance which consists of merit-based scholarships, need-based bursaries, and awards based on academic achievement. Information regarding Humber College’s financial aid is available on their website, as well as complete lists of scholarships, bursaries, awards, and contact information.

Residence and Housing

On-Campus Housing

Humber College’s Residence Office offers traditional and suite style rooms at the North Campus and Lakeshore Campus. Residence allocation operates on a first-come, first-served basis with students being added to a waiting list once buildings have reached their capacity. Traditional style residence includes single bedrooms with communal washrooms. Suite style residence includes 2 private bedrooms, a shared washroom and shared kitchen. Most floors are co-ed, with some single gender and themed floors available. Building amenities include:

  • Common lounge
  • Common study areas
  • Common kitchen
  • Access to a front desk
  • Maintenance
  • Laundry facilities

All rooms in residence are furnished and include internet, local telephone service and cable television hookup. Residence rates vary depending on room selection and campus. Bursaries and payment plans are available to assist with residence fees. Meal plans are mandatory and are included in the cost of residence. Meal plans operate on a declining balance system and different plans are available.

To access appropriate accommodations and support in residence, students who require accommodations must complete a Special Accommodation Needs form during their residence application process. For more information about special needs and accommodations, students are asked to contact the individual residence buildings.


Off-Campus Housing

Humber College's Off-Campus Housing office offers multiple resources for students living off campus including accommodation listing services, legislation, checklists, expenses, and setting up utilities.

Getting Around

Campus Accessibility

Humber offers Campus Maps & Facilities information for each campus


Toronto Transit

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is comprised of subways, buses, and streetcars. A discounted Post-Secondary Student Monthly Metro Pass is available for purchase for full-time students at Humber College. Schedules and maps are provided for each of the TTC transit options.


The TTC offers accessible services on both their buses and subways. Accessible services on buses include kneeling features, ramps, lifts, automated next stop announcements, wheel chair and scooter positions, and priority seating. The subways provide accessible services such as wheel chair positions and priority seating. There are elevators at half of the subway stations, with the goal of the remaining stations to be accessible by 2025.

The TTC offers the Support Person Assistance Card which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost. Persons interested in the support program must fill out the application form.

Wheel-Trans is a service that provides door-to-door accessible transit service for persons with physical disabilities. The TTC has established eligibility guidelines for the use of Wheel-Trans. Persons seeking to use Wheel-Trans must participate in an in-person interview. 


GO Transit

GO Transit is comprised of trains and buses. Full-time students at Humber College are eligible for student fares on any GO Transit transportation. Schedules are provided for each of the GO transit options.


GO Transit offers accessible transit services on both their buses and trains. The GO Transit system operates two types of buses. Double decker buses are equipped with low floor and ramp capabilities. The highway coaches use an exterior motorized lift. The GO trains offer accessible services including elevated and ramped mini platforms, priority seating, and accessible washrooms. The majority of GO Transit train stations offer accessible services. A list of non-accessible train stations are provided on the accessibility page.

GO Transit offers the Support Person Ticket which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost.


Mississauga Transit 

The Mississauga Transit (Miway) is comprised of buses. Full-time student at Humber College are eligible for the post-secondary discounted pass. Miway offers Routes and Schedules for each of their bus routes.


Miway provides accessible buses with features such as floor and kneeling capabilities, two wheelchair and scooter securement areas, external bus announcements which will announce what bus is arriving, and automated next stop announcements.

MiWay offers the Support Person Pass which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost.

The regional municipality of Peel has created Transhelp which offers a door-to-door transit service for persons who are unable to ride conventional transit due to a functional mobility disability. More information about Transhelp, including eligibility guidelines and the application process, is available on their website.


Brampton Transit 

Brampton Transit is comprised of buses. Students are eligible for weekly and monthly discounted fares. Brampton Transit offers schedules and maps for each of their bus routes, which also shows which routes are accessible.


More than 90% of the buses provide accessibility features such as low floors, extendable ramps and kneeling features, and reserved wheelchair and scooter areas. Brampton Transit offers the support person pass, which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost.

The Region of Peel offers Transhelp which provides a door-to-door transit service for persons with functional mobility’s problems, who due to their functional mobility problem are unable to use the conventional transit service. More information about what Transhelp offers and the eligibility guidelines and application is provided on their website.


York Transit

The York Region Transit (YRT)/VIVA is comprised of buses that provide transit services in all nine regions in York. Students at Humber College are eligible to purchase a discounted transit pass.  YRT/VIVA offers a variety of maps to make it easier to navigate through all nine regions of York. A schedule finder helps users find detailed information about each route (YRT)/VIVA offers. Users are able to find a nearby stop, by using the closest stop service.


All of YRT/VIVA buses provide accessible transit with such features as; accessible low floors, ramps, and designated seating for persons with disabilities. More than 80% of YRT/VIVA buses are accessible and stops that are accessible are marked with an accessible symbol on the bus sign. For bus stops that are not accessible, drivers of the YRT will allow users who use a mobility device to get on or off at an alternate location that is acceptable to both the user and the driver.

The YRT/VIVA offers the Support Person Assistance Card which allows users of the transit system who require a support person to have this person travel with them at no additional cost. Persons who require a support person assistance card must complete an application form to be eligible for the program.

(YRT)/VIVA offers Mobility On-Request which is a door-to-door transit service for persons with disabilities, who due to their disability are unable to use the conventional transit. More information about Mobility On-Request and the eligibility guidelines and application is provided on their website.

Academic Programs

Humber College offers Full-Time ProgramsContinuing EducationApprenticeships and many other courses.

Guelph-Humber University offers a variety of Academic Programs available in both Full-Time and Part-Time studies. 

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