Path through trees in a park

For me deciding what I wanted to do for a living was pretty easy. I was good at programming and I had a love for video games. When it came to post secondary school though, that was a little more challenging. It was a toss up between a college that was more hands-on and focused, or a university that would give me a more well-rounded education. In the end, I chose the university because I thought it would leave me with more options when I graduated. I didn’t know what to expect when I got there. 

In high school, I had a guidance counsellor that took care of all my accommodations and talked with all my teachers for me. I was a little shocked when they told me at university that I had to approach the professors myself with a letter of accommodation and work with them directly to come to a mutual agreement regarding test-taking etc. Talking to my professors and having to explain my specific needs was a challenge, but looking back on it now, I wouldn’t have it any other way. This process made me a better self-advocate. It gave me a better understanding of what I needed to help me succeed. But I think more importantly it showed me what I didn’t need. It showed me what I could do on my own.

- Ben Sadlowski, University Graduate 

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