Picture of Heather Parker

My job is to help students with disabilities use the library services by making sure our services are designed to serve the needs of our diverse student body. The library is essential to student success, and so we work hard to ensure that our physical and online environments are easy to navigate. Students don't just use the campus libraries to find books. They also use them for all sorts of research, writing assignments, and studying for exams.

Some students need quieter places to work and we're happy to make it happen. We have noise-cancelling headphones to use anywhere in the library, and our Adaptive Technology Centre has computers with special software and quiet study spaces for students with disabilities. We've also included study rooms for students to use on their own or with their tutors. Some students need to use special software to read textbooks, work on projects, or use library resources. The Centre has scanners and our own computer lab to meet students' needs. We are working hard to make these programs available throughout the library, so students have choices about how they work.

All across university and college campuses, there are staff like me, working to make sure our environment suits the needs of all of our students.  We look forward to working with you and providing the services you need to access your learning!

- Heather Parker, Coordinator of Library Accessibility at University of Waterloo

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