Exterior view of the front of a high school

As a principal, I have seen firsthand the challenges that students can face when transitioning to post-secondary education. A consistent problem I've seen over the years is students who head to post-secondary often don't make the arrangements to get the support for their learning needs in place at their new institution. Each student needs to know what her/his needs are and how the new school can support those needs.

There are generally two reasons students don't get their accommodations in place. The first is that the students don't own the process as they are so accustomed to high school and their parents ensuring their learning needs are taken care of by having an IEP in place. The second is that the students want a fresh start without the perceived labels or stigma. Taking ownership of one’s accommodations is a necessary step towards a positive experience in college or university.   

I believe the most important thing a student can do to prepare for a successful transition to post-secondary is to research. The Transition Resource Guide is a tool that every student in Ontario should be introduced to in high school. This resource puts all this information at the fingertips of students.

- Lisa Cole, Principal 

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