Exterior view of a post-secondary institution

When I transitioned from high school to university, I focused on whether or not my roommates and I would get along. I should have focused on whether or not I was ready to handle the academic changes.  Spoiler Alert! I was definitely not ready for those changes. It turns out, getting along with my roommates was a breeze for me (we became great friends) but the academics were not.

There was much more reading than I had ever had done before, and it was more complex than I had expected. I could not use the same study strategies as I did in high school (cramming the night before does not work nearly as well in university), and I was quickly falling behind. I had already registered with Accessibility Services and I was receiving accommodations (except the time I forgot to schedule a test).  However, I did not reach out for any help beyond my accommodations. I did not go to any academic help sessions, talk to my Accessibility Advisor or my professors. I was too scared.

Since I let this fear take control of my life, I did not figure out how to handle university schoolwork until my 3rd year at university.  The damage was already done. My grade point average was not high enough to graduate, I was kicked out of my program, and I had already failed multiple classes.

That all changed when I started being more responsible for myself, pushing myself way outside of my comfort zone, and talking to the people I needed to talk with to get help. It was not easy, and I was constantly fighting my own instincts. But, with the help of the Accessibility Services, Student Services, and some specific professors, I was able to complete my degree in 5 years, go to teacher’s college, and successfully graduate!

- Dayna Neville, University Graduate 

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