University of Guelph

Learn about services for students at Guelph University, including their accessibility services, peer and academic support programs, financial aid, campus accessibility, and more.

General Information

The University of Guelph provides educational opportunities to over 29,000 undergraduate students, and is located in Guelph, Ontario with additional campuses in Humber (University of Guelph-Humber) and Ridgetown. Students attending the University of Guelph-Humber can access services and support through Humber College and should visit the Humber College page for more information. The University of Guelph has 7 colleges, each with their own academic programs and departments:

  • College of Arts
  • College of Biological Science
  • College of Business & Economics
  • College of Physical & Engineering Science
  • College of Social & Applied Human Sciences
  • Ontario Agricultural College
  • Ontario Veterinary College

The address for the University of Guelph is:

University of Guelph:
50 Stone Road East
Guelph, Ontario  N1G 2W1
(519) 824-4120

University of Guelph-Humber: 
207 Humber College Boulevard
Toronto, Ontario  M9W 5L7
(416) 798-1331

Accessibility Services

Accessibility Services

The University of Guelph's accessibility services for students is called Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Student Accessibility Services is the primary place to find out about all of your disability related needs.  The University of Guelph has a mandatory New Student Welcome and Orientation for all students with a disability. Student will have an opportunity to meet their SAS Advisor and other SAS staff. Students will also find out what services and accommodations are available and how to access them.

Students attending University of Guelph-Humber access accommodation services through Humber College and should refer to Humber College's Accessibility Learning Services for further information regarding available resources.


Transition Programs

The University of Guelph offers 2 transition programs for incoming students, START Accessible (for students with physical disabilities and psychological disabilities, including Asperger's Syndrome) and an Orientation Week Workshop (for students who were unable to attend one of the other transition programs offered). 


Admission and Transition Planner 

The University of Guelph offers the Admission and Transition Planner which is a summary of information that is important for applicants and new students with disabilities.


Library Accessibility Services

The Library Accessibility Services (LAS) offers a range of services, software, and technology that enables students with disabilities to read, write and research more effectively. In order to use these services, including the adaptive technology lab, students must be registered with the SAS.


Recreation Equity On Campus (The REC Club) 

The SAS and Athletic Services provides the Recreation Equity on Campus Club (The REC Club), a volunteer program for students who require assistance in the pool, in the weight room, or with other recreational activities.


Accessibility Plan

For more information about accessibility at the University of Guelph, and their current initiatives to address issues of accessibility, please see the University of Guelph’s Accessibility Plan.


Documentation Requirements

In order to access accommodations at the University of Guelph, please visit the linked webpage to learn what documentation is required to show proof of a disability.

Support Services Available

Health Services

At the University of Guelph, The Health Clinic provides primary medical care to all University of Guelph students.


Counselling Services

The University of Guelph offers Counselling Services for any student who may be experiencing stressful events in their life.


Student Transition Office

The Student Transition Office assists students with transitioning to studying and living at university and those who may be facing significant challenges or barriers.


Academic Support

The Supported Learning Groups (SLG) at the University of Guelph offers students course specific support from both undergraduate students and professional staff.  The University of Guelph offers Learning Services where staff and peer helpers provided assistance to students who would like to enhance their academic skill.  Writing Services offers a variety of programs to help students with their academic writing.


Library Services

The Library & Learning Commons at the University of Guelph offers various resources for students including databases, journals, e-books, and e-videos. The library also provides services for students such as research help, online tutorial, and library guides. The Library Accessibility Services provides adaptive software, technology access, and other services designed to help students who are registered with the Student Accessibility Services.


Academic Advising

University of Guelph offers academic advising services to students to assist with program and degree planning, as well as dealing with any other academic issues that arise.


Other Support Services

Financial Aid

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

The University of Guelph's  Scholarships & Financial Aid office offers a range of financial assistance which consists of merit-based scholarships, need-based bursaries, and awards based on academic achievement. Information regarding the University of Guelph's financial aid is available on their website, as well as complete lists of scholarships, bursaries, awards, and contact information.

Residence and Housing

On-Campus Housing

The University of Guelph’s Student Housing Services offers traditional, suite-style and townhouse-style accommodations to nearly 5,000 students. All first year students are guaranteed a room in residence, but room selection occurs using a lottery system. Traditional residences have single, double and triple rooms on co-ed and single gender floors. Suite-style accommodations consist of 2 private rooms with a shared washroom and kitchenette. Townhouse-style residence accommodates 4-6 people with a shared bathroom, common area and kitchen.

All residence buildings include:

  • Common lounges
  • Common study areas
  • Access to a front desk
  • Vending machines
  • Maintenance
  • Laundry facilities

All rooms include high speed internet. Traditional style rooms feature a telephone and local phone service. Residence rates vary depending on room and building selection. Meal plans are a mandatory additional cost and operate on a declining balance system or a meal based system.

Students who require accommodations in residence can apply for special consideration. Students must complete and submit the Special Consideration Form along with their residence application by the given deadline.

Family Housing

The University of Guelph offers family-friendly housing.


Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing is available. Information about available rental properties can be found using the Places4Students housing portal.

Getting Around

Campus Accessibility

The University of Guelph offers an accessible campus map for each individual building.


Guelph Transit

Guelph Transit is comprised of buses. Full-time students at the University of Guelph receive a bus pass included in their tuition. Guelph Transit provides schedules and maps for every transit route they offer.


Guelph transit offers accessible services with features such as low floor buses, wheelchair and scooter positions.

Guelph Transit Mobility Services provides door-to-door transit services for persons with physical disabilities, who due to their disability are unable to use the conventional transit. Persons seeking to use the Guelph Transit Mobility Service must complete the application form.

Academic Programs

The University of Guelph offers a wide range of Programs of Study in their 7 colleges (faculties). Information about the academic programs and educational opportunities at the University of Guelph is available on their website.

Guelph-Humber University offers a variety of Academic Programs available in both Full-Time and Part-Time studies. 

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