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Candice, University Graduate

image of Candice Daiken

"As a student with a learning disability, each year I registered with my school’s accessibility services and I met with a Learning Disabilities Strategist to discuss my goals, academic concerns and accommodations. She worked with me to help me receive the accommodations that were suggested from my updated psychoeducational assessment. I was very nervous about speaking with my professors about my accommodations, but disability services provided me with an Accommodation Summary Sheet that I could give to my professors that explained what I needed for that class, which included extra time on exams and a note-taker for class. At the end of each week I would go to disability services and collect my notes from the Note-Taker Coordinator. This service made going to lectures much less stressful. Using the disability services helped with my success in completing my post-secondary education."

- Candice Daiken, University Graduate